Darwin was born: the inertia reel for exhaust gas

Darwin was born: the inertia reel for exhaust gas

It's called Darwin. And is an automatic retractor for the exhaust gases which, for its innovation 100 percent made in Italy, promises to revolutionize the industry market with a highly palatable solution both from a technical point of view that commercial. The reason is clear: it has in practice, the same market value of that spring but with the features and functionality of a motorized. The author of this brilliant idea, which facilitates and makes it significantly safer to the workshop work, is the Filcar of Reggio Emila. The company, led by Andrea Cangiano Silverio, has grasped the opportunity to Automechanika Frankfurt to present the world premiere, after a series of tests savvy. Covered by a three year warranty, the product now tends to position itself in a winning way in the functional center products market to auto mechanics. "But this is just the beginning of a" path announces Cangiano. "At the next edition of Autopromotec - continues - we will reveal a new release. "

Founded in 1989, the Filcar is a manufacturer of technical components and systems for the mechanical workshop. The primary specialization mature initially on the intake strand of exhaust gas with a robust portfolio of products ranging from mechanical reels up to suction arms. On this land are developed, then over time, the other ramifications. Including, for example, the implementation of systems and components for the dispensing of fluids, evacuation of spent oils and technical furnishing elements integrated for the workshop. And many other custom solutions for the technician and for its maintenance work.

It has just concluded Automechanika Frankfurt Filcar who participated. What is the budget?

The report is more than optimal. We have worked hard in the pre-show stage, advising our customers about new products and product range then taken to showcase the German show. The end result gives us a positive feedback that has fully met the expectations and the expectations of our customers. During the days of the event we met with over 250 companies in the international circuit, including weaving and important new reports on which we will now work.

The expo the German Filcar presented the Darwin world exclusive. An innovative and revolutionary product linked to the sector of the exhaust gas ...

That's right. We are a leading manufacturer of systems for exhaust extraction, always striving to improve the quality of life of the operator in his work environment. So far in the field of market have coexisted two types of reels for hose exhaust gas: the first is a mechanical model with spring rewind, the second is a powered version. In this scenario, Filcar, with its innovation, wanted to revolutionize this concept, realizing the Darwin. An automatic retractor, 100 percent made in Italy, that has, in practice, the same market value of that spring but with the features and functionality of a motorized. Therefore, it comes out a product from virtuous value for money.

Can you explain what are the main advantages for the technician?

First of all I should point out that Darwin, as well as being made in our Italian plants, is protected by a patent which protects the house in the background innovation. Second, the product has a 3 year warranty against classic year offered on our other solutions in the catalog. The first benefit positively impacts on the security linked to the operations of rolling and unrolling of the hose, it is evident that the automatization of the above stated process involves a less fatigue and prevention of the risk of accidents for the operator. The inertia reel Darwin, properly fixed to the ceiling or wall, allows the total pipe rewinding. This allows to have a habitat working free of obstacles, thus facilitating the passage of people and vehicles in the workshop. For its identity, Darwin not only presents interesting technical features, but as mentioned before, also to the benefit of business.

What should we expect for the future?

This is just the beginning of a thrilling journey that we embarked, taking the important showcase of Automechanika. The next year, at Autopromotec in Bologna, there will be a further development of Darwin that we will present on that occasion. It just has to follow!